Happy Weddingの秘訣

What is Couple Attend ?


We provide full support to you and make sure that you will spend one of the happiest and most memorable day in your life feeling like a prince and princess on your wedding day.

The experienced local attender will take care of you and guarantee you a high quality resort wedding.

What we believe the ideal Hawaii weddings are that everyone celebrates the couple in a peaceful and calm atmosphere, feeling away from home and forgetting busy daily life.

Yet, we often find brides and grooms in their wedding consume standing on the street of Waikiki, waiting for the traffic signal to change with baggage on their hands under the burning sunlight.
You also may feel insecure because of the differences in culture and your special day could be easily spoiled by these concerns.

Our local attender will support you to spend “luxurious time” on your special day.
The attenders who have a thorough knowledge of the custom, weather, traffic, and local information of Hawaii will give you a total support.

We offer “Couple Attend Service” out of our sincere wish for all our customers to enjoy and make the most of the relaxed and happy wedding day.

Attend Service is trademarked in the State of Hawaii. We sell our service to Gloria Bridal and certain travel agencies in Japan. Please read through the details carefully when making application. There are copied services by other companies which are completely different from our service in quality and contents.